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Precision Tuned Dowsing and Divining Rods for Prospecting

Created and Built by an Aerospace Antenna Designer

Everyone can Benefit using our Antenna Designed Dowsing Rods!

Versions Available for Locating Gold, Silver, Platinum, Water, or Iridium Meteorites.
Individually Custom Tuned to Match the Earth's Magnetic Field in your Area.

Until Now, Dowsing Rods were Simple Basic Antennas built at Random Lengths & Every Other Dowsing Rod Available on the Market Today is still Nothing More than a Primative Antenna. We Now Offer an Improved Dowsing Tool System which will Help Prospectors to Become Expert Dowsers. Better Designed Antennas make Stronger Performing Dowsing Rods. Our Special Designs include Proprietary Features which have been Based upon the Latest State-of-the-Art Scientific Discoveries within the Fields of Quantum Mechanics & Naturally Occuring Isotopes, Plus Incorporates Nuclear Spin, Quark Spin & Electron Spin Principles. The Unique Exclusive Designs Are Created and Built by an Antenna Designer with Experience in Satellite and Ground Based Communications Systems, Along with a Healthy Interest in the Recent Scientific Discoveries & Improved Understanding of the Theory in Modern Atomic Structure within the Principle Chemical Elements.

Until Now, Few Folks had the Natural Ability to Dowse or Divine Successfully & Proficiently. The Majority of Users had Limited Accuracy or No Success using Primitive Tools such as Willow Branches or Randomly Bent Wires because the Signal Generated was Too Weak for most people to Detect. Our Engineer Designed Antenna Dowsing Tools Provide Increased Passive Gain Amplification Techniques, which Help us to Gather Significantly Stronger Samples of the Electrical Signal. Since our Product Provides a Vastly Superior Signal, the Body & Brain Processes Signals Easier and more Accurately when Provided Stronger, more Distinct Input Data. Everyone can Benefit using our Antenna Designed Dowsing Rods!

Amateurs and Adventurous People will Discover it Much Easier to Learn Dowsing! Our Exclusive Designs Provide a Vastly Stronger and More Powerful Data, Allowing our Body and Brain to Process Signals Easily. Even those Folks who have Tried "Old Primitive" Dowsing Tools and failed can Learn to Dowse when they use Our Powerful Antenna Designs.

Experienced Dowsers will Immediately Notice Increased Accuracy compared to "Old Fashion" Dowsing Tools Also! Each Set is Truly A Handmade Antenna which has been Custom Designed and Precision Tuned to Amplify the Specific Frequency Signal Emitted by The Exact Precious Element you are Seeking to Find at your Individual Location on our Planet. The Harmonic Tuning also Helps to Attenuate Undesired Signals, Reducing the Strength of "False Positive" Error Signals.

Our Systems are Manufactured using 100% Electrical Grade Copper Components and Materials. Each Dowsing System is Completely Hand-Made and Precision Tuned to Match the Natural Vibration Frequency of Your Area. The Frequency of Molecules Varies Depending on the Intensity of the Magnetic Field Strength Naturally Produced by the Earth at your Location. Thus, Each Dowsing System is Custom Designed, Tuned & Built to Function Best within a Specific Region of the World.

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(World Magnetic Model Map Provided by the United States National Geophysical Data Center)
This is a PDF file & Adobe Acrobat Reader is Required to View.

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Important Information: Please Specify the Magnetic Intensity from the World Magnetic Intensity Map (above) for your Prospecting Area / Location when placing your order. We would also appreciate the name of a nearby town (or GPS Latitude & Longitude Coordinates) so we can "Double-Check" lookup the location and verify the accuracy of the magnetic field strength in the area. Accurate Magnetic Intensity information is critical, since there is Significant Difference in Tuning of the Resonance Frequency in our Precision Dowsing Rods. This is also why we must Custom Manufacture each set individually, based upon the magnetic field strength of your location. Please allow 7-10 days to process and build your order.

Home Page Theory and Design Instructions & Suggestions
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