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Dowsing Rod Full View

Precision Tuned Dowsing Rods - Standard Length

Photo Above Shows a Complete View of our Most Popular Version of Dowsing Rod. The full length of the center core conductor rod is around 8 inches, plus a grip length of about 4 inches. They have a Well Balanced Feel in your hands and are very lightweight, enabling folks to dowse for many hours without getting fatigued. Over 30 feet of Green or Red wire is wrapped around the rod, enabling them to act just like a dowsing rod over 30 feet long, yet their short length allows them to React Extremely Quick and Accurate in your hands. A Rugged Environmentally Sealed Plastic Coating Surrounds the wrapped wire, protecting it from Dirt & Damage. Our Systems are Manufactured using 100% Electrical Grade Copper Components and Materials.

We are happy to offer Prospecting Tools which are Hand Crafted by an Aerospace Antenna Designer. Each Set is Custom Tuned to Detect either Gold, Iridium (meteorites), Platinum, Silver or Water. Please Note: Each Element has a unique frequency vibration, so Gold Prospecting Rods are different from the Silver Prospecting Rods, which are different from the Water Dowsing Rods. They may look similar, but they are not a "one size detects all" design.

The Rods are Designed as a Matched Mirror Image Set. The Rod Wrapped with Green wire is Tuned for Clockwise Polarity Electromagnetic Signals Emitted by the Proton and the Red Wrapped Wire Detects the Counter-Clockwise Polarity Electromagnetic Signals Emitted by the Proton. The exact lengths vary depending on the Total Magnetic Field Strength of the Earth in your area, and lengths also vary depending on the Specific Vibration Frequency of the Element you are Tuned to Detect. The Actual Harmonic Wavelength Length may range from 6½ to 13¾ inches Center Core Length and Wrapped using 30 to 65 feet of colored insulated wire on each individual rod.

Although the Actual Lengths change due to the Frequency of Tuning, the Proportions of the dimensions will always remain Identical. The Grip Length is one-half (½) of the Center Core Conductor Rod and the Colored wire Wrap is 64 times (64X) the length of the Center Core Conductor. At first, it may not seem important to keep the proportions identical, but I explain why this is Critical on the Theory & Design Page.


The Photos Below show 3 Additional Details which are Vital to the Design Functionality of Antennas.  

First: The small wire wrapped around the Center Rod must be electrically insulated to function properly. We use wire insulated with High Quality (Red or Green) Polyurethane/Polyamide Heavy Build Enamel. If there were not insulation, then it would have short-circuit and be worthless as an Antenna.

Second: The small wire wrap must be Electrically Connected to the Center Conductor Rod at Just One End, so it will properly Transfer the Signal Thru the Rod and into the Dowsing User. The Photo Below Left illustrates we remove a small bit of the insulation and use a Conductive Copper Foil Tape for attachment near the Handle.

Third: The small wire wrap must be completely insulated everywhere except where it has been connected on the end closest to the handle to create a working antenna. When the wire is cut from the spool, the outer end of the wire is exposed and must have insulation applied to prevent an electrical short circuit too.  We use 2 coats of a black liquid insulation, which is visible in the Photo Below Right.

FYI - For the folks curious why there is a # 555 shown in the photo, All Rods are Marked with the Magnetic Field Strength for which they were designed to function. In this case, the number signifies they were tuned for 55500 NanoTesla (North Idaho Area). Since we have expanded our selection of rods to include elements beyond just gold, all future Dowsing Rods will also have a letter added to signify which element they are designed to locate. G=Gold, I=Iridium, P=Platinum, S=Silver, H=Water

Copper Tape Connection Detail View

Tip Insulation Detail View

Handles are Included with Every Set of Dowsing Rods. They may not be Fancy, but they sure work smoothly and are comfortable to hold. Made from Copper Tubing which is slightly crimped at each end to securely hold Nylon Bushings. There is no difference between the Black or White bushings shown. If you have a preference, please let me know when ordering.

Rod  Handle Detail View

Rod  Handle Detail View


Super-Sized Long Dowsing Rods

Double Strength Custom Built Dowsing Rods are also Available upon Request. Please Contact me for Pricing Details if Interested. The Extra Power from our Long Dowsing Rods increases Signal Strength, allowing both improved detection Distance and Penetration Depth. The Improved Signal Strength Power may also help the "Dowsing Challenged" folks by Allowing your Body and Brain to Process the Vastly Stronger Signals Easier and More Accurately.

I Frequently use the Standard-Length Dowsing Rods, However, there are situations where I occasionally use the Long Rods. Please Note: Since the Long Rods have More Weight and Double the Length, the Balance is much different when compared with the standard rods. You may find your Hands and Wrists could become fatigued more easily when using Long Rods.

The Photo Below shows the size difference when comparing a Standard Length and Long Length Rod Sets. These are unfinished rod "blanks" which are ready to wrap with wire and finish the completion. If you order a set of Long Dowsing Rods they will be completed and appear virtually identical to the standard length rods pictured at the top of this page, except they will be much longer length.

Long Blank Rod Detail View


Prototype Witness Chamber "Salted" Dowsing Rods

Witness Chambers have been used in Dowsing for over a Hundred Years. A Witness Chamber is a Hollow Area of the Rod into which you put a sample of the element or substance you are seeking to locate. Sometimes the hollow chamber is located near the tip, others are near the rear of the rod and others are inside the handle. Most experienced Dowsers have seen dowsing rods with a Witness Chamber incorporated into the Rods.

The Idea Behind this Theory is when a sample (witness) of what is being prospected is placed inside the chamber, the sympathy-resonance response (like attracts like) will increase the sensitivity of the Rod to locate deposits matching the witness sample. A While Back I personally Played with my Prototype Set of Dowsing Rod with a Witness Chamber "salted" with Gold inside. I know many folks believe in them, But they Did Not work well for me! I believe my Rods are already tuned for a special frequency emitted by the Proton of the Element I am seeking, and adding gold to the rods actually hurts the performance of our finely tuned instruments.

Pictured Below is a Prototype Dowsing Rod Set built using the theory behind the Witness Chamber Style Rods. Each Rod contains one-half (½) Gram of Gold Flakes which have been Wrapped Inside.
PLEASE NOTE: These were a Prototype Design, but my testing showed they did not improve performance and actually harmed the ability to locate the element correctly. Thus, I do not recommend this style rod and would prefer not to build "Salted" rods for customers. If you are a "Die-Hard" believer in using Salted Rods, then I might build you a special set, but you must provide 1 gram of gold dust or small flakes which will be used in creating the rods you would receive. The gold you send me will be returned wrapped inside the wire of your rods.

Salted Witness Chamber Prospecting Rod Detail View


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