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Dowsing Theory and Design Science

Dowsing Basics

There are Many Theories on How and Why Dowsing Operates. I believe the Power of Dowsing is Created within our Bodies. All Animals, Including Humans, have an Ability to Instinctively Recognize many Influences Surrounding Us. I Credit our Human Brain with the Talent of Recognizing the Environment around us, Refined by many Generations of Evolution. Our Brain is the Processing Center where Signals are Detected & Perceived - but our brain needs input from sensors located throughout our bodies. Dowsers use Sensors in their Hands to Receive the Signals from Our Environment. Generally Dowsers use a Freshly Cut Wooden Branch or use some Random Bent Metal Rods as a "Tool" to Assist them in Locating their "Treasure". I Conclude these Dowsing Tools are Simple Antennas which Help Provide a Signal for our Body to Detect.

L Rods

Y Rod

Research shows a Small Percentage of Talented Folks with a Natural Sensitivity are Able to Bend a Couple Wires and Go Dowsing with Various Levels of Proficiency. Most Folks have Limited Accuracy or Simply No Success. Much Research has been done trying to find out why some people have great success dowsing, while most folks have difficulty or simply find it impossible. It turns out of the individuals tested, they found about 5 % are excellent, Another 30 % are reasonably accurate, but about 65 % had trouble or found it impossible.

The Majority of Studies Show a Significant Difference Between the Electrical Properties of Good Strong Dowsers and Poor Weak Dowsers. There are two easily measurable properties of the Human Body which Research has found a Significant Correlation. The measurement of electrical voltage between their hands varied and also galvanic skin resistance was different among the people tested. The Results showed Distinct Patterns and the Conclusions were: Strong Dowsers have more electrical sensitivity (measured in millivolts at their fingertips of opposing hands) and Weak Dowsers had much lower voltage. They also performed Galvanic Skin Resistance Tests which showed Good Dowsers had lower numbers when compared to Weak Dowsers with higher numbers. I believe this makes perfect sense, because higher resistance in the body will reduce electricity flow and lower resistance will allow more electricity flow. Thus, Good Dowsers have more voltage and less resistance within their bodies, allowing them to process the signals more efficiently.

Is There a Better Way?

It is a Proven Scientific Fact Everything in our Universe Vibrates at Unique Special Frequencies. Most Animals, including the Human Body and Brain, are Extremely Sensitive to Detecting Changes in the Electrical Frequency and Magnetic Vibration of the World. A good example if this phenomena is how Animals are able to Navigate during their Annual Migrations.

I Began to Wonder if an Improved Dowsing Tool could be Built which would Help Many more Folks to Become Expert Dowsers. I Believe Dowsing Rods are Actually Antennas which Help Us to Gather Better Samples of the Vibration Signal within our Environment. I wondered if there was some way to improve on the basic style of Dowsing Rods available in the market today! There Must Be a Way which would work Better for Experienced Dowsers and Could also Improve the Accuracy of the folks who had Trouble Dowsing! Could I create a Dowsing Tool Design which would provide Increased Accuracy because they Provide Stronger and More Powerful Data Signals to our Body?

I have Designed and Built Many Radio and Satellite Antennas throughout the Years, so I Felt Confident in My Talent and Decided to Tackle the Project. The Brain Processes the Signals Easier and More Accurately when Provided Stronger, More Distinct Data. I Believed there Must be a Way to Create a Vastly Improved Antenna Based Design Technique which is Tuned Specifically to Improve Prospectors Ability to Locate Mineral Deposits by Producing a Significantly Improved Signal Field Strength. I knew All about Antenna Designs, but I needed to Learn More about the Scientific Chemical and Electrical Properties of the Elements of the Periodic Table before I could Proceed.

Design Considerations

The First Thing I Needed to Know the Operating Frequency to Properly Tune the Dowsing Rod's Overall Antenna Length, since Frequency and Length are Mathematically Critical when Designing Antennas. This is why the Radio Station Transmitter Antennas for an A.M. (long wave - around 1.0 MHZ frequency) Radio Station are Several Hundred Feet Tall Towers and F.M. (Short Wave - around 100 MHZ frequency) Radio Station Transmitter Antennas are only about 31 Inches Long!

I also Needed to Know the Direction of Polarity the Signal was Transmitted, because to Operate at Peak Performance, the Design of the Receiving Antenna Must be Specifically Configured to Match the Direction of Polarity Generated by the Transmitter Station. There are 4 basic polarizations used in communications satellites. Generally used are Linear Vertical & Horizontal polarities, versus Circular Left & Right polarities. In the 1960's satellite engineers were seeking to maximize their transmitters and discovered the ability to use the maximum bandwidth of their satellite by using transponders polarized into two directions: Home Satellite Dish Signals were sent in horizontal and vertical linear polarization, and commercial communications satellites used left & right circular polarization. This allowed them to broadcast double the channels of communication within the same satellite. Because ½ the signals in a vertical way (the waves are vertically broadcast) and the other ½ horizontally, the total channels available on an individual satellite doubled! This is a huge form of compression is called linear polarization. There is also circular polarization, where the electromagnetic waves rotate in a spiral pattern - ½ the channels rotate left (Clockwise) and ½ rotate right (Counter-Clockwise) Polarization.

Linear & Circular Polarizations Illustration

The Research Begins

I Studied a Vast Quantity of Scientific Documentation from Experiments and a Variety of Information Sources which Pertained to the Properties of Gold and other Noble Metals. I also Studied Dozens of Articles Pertaining to Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Physics. What I Learned was Fascinating and Absolutely Critical to the Design Features Incorporated into My Dowsing Tools Design.

The First Important Discovery was Learning about Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR). The Discovery of NMR in the Early 1950's was Critical in the Design of Medical Imaging Devices. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging (NMRI), and Magnetic Resonance Tomography (MRT) are Medical Imaging Techniques which Create High Resolution Images of the Human Body.

N.M.R. is a Physical Phenomenon in which Atoms containing an Odd Number of Protons will have a Specific Resonance Frequency. The Resonance Frequency Varies Depending on the Strength of the Magnetic Field. The Frequency is Directly Proportional to the Strength of the Applied Magnetic Field. The Electromagnetic Frequency Increases as the Strength of the Magnetic Field becomes Stronger and Vibration Decreases as the Strength of the Magnetic Field becomes Weaker.

A NMR Scanner was Created into which An Element is Placed within a Powerful Electromagnet Chamber. A Strong Magnetic Field Aligns the Atomic Particles and the Radio Frequency Generated is Detectable by the Scanner. Comprehensive Scientific Information Tables have been Created Listing the Frequency Produced Inside a Standardized Magnetic Field. If you want to explore the NMR properties of the elements & isotopes within the periodic table of elements, I recommend going to the WebElements Website.

The Artificially Created Magnetic Field Strength inside the Measurement Chamber is about 75,000 Times more powerful when compared to the Weak Magnetic Field Naturally Produced by the Earth. The Total Magnetic Field on Earth Varies from 23,000 to 60,000 NanoTesla Field Strength - depending on where on our Planet you are Located.

Since the Frequency Vibration Induced within Elements is Linear and Proportional to the Specific Magnetic Field Strength, It becomes Mathematically Possible to Calculate the Frequency Vibration of Individual Elements Anywhere on Earth. Once The Exact Frequency is Calculated, it becomes Mathematically Possible to Calculate the Antenna Length Necessary for Maximum Resonation at Specific Harmonic Octave Signals.

Simply Stated: The Tuning of Each Rod Set Must Change for each Unique Location because the magnetic field strength changes in Various Places on our Globe, resulting in a Different & Distinct operating frequency design is necessary for every region. Because the Frequency Change caused by the Gravity Strength Change is Proportional and Has a Linear Ratio, I have designed a Mathematical Calculator which is Capable of Accurately Determining the Correct Frequency Emitted by the Protons.

After processing all the math calculations necessary, it turns out there is a Significant Difference in Tuning our Precision Dowsing Rods, which is why we must custom manufacture each set individually, based upon the magnetic field strength of your prospecting location.

Proton Spin Theory

Quantum Mechanics is the Branch of Modern Physics explaining how phenomena like "Proton Spin" operate at the Atomic Level. Spin is an Intrinsic Quantum Property possessed by Individual Protons allowing Magnetic Interactions and Resonance Frequencies to occur within The Nucleus of an Atom. Nuclear Spin Values ranging from 0 to 8 (in ½-unit increments) can be found across the entire periodic table. Proton Particles with a Whole Integer Spin (example: 1, 2, 3 to 8) are called "Bosons" & Particles with Half-Integer Spin (example: 1/2, 3/2, 5/2) are called "Fermions".

Fermions Are My Center of Attention, Because Fermions Emit Electromagnetic Radiation and Undergo "Resonance" when placed in a Magnetic Field. The Resonant Energy Generated by the Nucleus Containing Fermions is Precisely the Frequency which is Scientifically Measured NMR properties of the elements & isotopes within the periodic table of elements. Fermion Protons Generate a Very Stable & Measurable Resonance Frequency. Fermion Proton Spin Gives Rise to the Force which Creates the Signal We are Detecting while Dowsing.

Another Consideration about NMR is because it is a Physical Phenomenon which is Only Measurable in Isotopes containing an Odd Number of Protons (Fermions) and Neutrons located in the Nucleus of the Element (the number of Protons & Neutrons added together must be an Odd Number). It Seems Unusual the Isotopes with an Odd Number in their Nucleus are producing detectable & measurable NMR frequencies and the Isotopes with an Even Number in their Nucleus are not producing these frequencies.

This is where the "Spin" comes into the Properties of the Protons & Neutrons. Neutrons & Protons both have "Spin", However, They do not All Spin in the same direction. They Maintain a Balance where ½ Spin Left and ½ Spin Right. They Spin in Matched Pairs, where Every Left Spinning Proton or Neutron has a partner which is spinning Right. The Scientists have only been able to measure the Frequency from the Odd-Numbered Isotope Nucleus because they have an unmatched particle without a mate to form a "pair". The Mated Particles within the Nucleus seem to "Cancel-Out" each other because they are spinning in opposite directions!

Why is Proton Spin Theory Important while Dowsing?

I find this very interesting from an Antenna Designers Point-of-View because the Particles within the Nucleus are still producing signals, they are simply "masking" the signal from their Pair Partner - Much the same as the "Noise Cancelling Systems" which are now being used in automobiles and other electronics. They are simply using opposite signals to neutralize the unwanted sounds. The sounds in your car are still there, you simply don't hear them because there is an equal and opposite sound created to cancel it out. These same forces are working within the Nucleus of the Isotope. Everything Neutron and Proton is spinning and producing signals, but the only ones which we can measure are the unmatched "lone" particles which do not have a "mate" to cancel out their signal. This is why we have our Precision Dowsing Rods wrapped in Opposite Directions (Green Wrap is Clockwise Polarity and Red is Counter-Clockwise). Our Precision Dowsing Rods are designed to Receive the All the Energy Possible from Every Element we Seek while Prospecting!

Other folks make their Dowsing Rods with a Straight Wire and these will only pick-up the frequency emitted by the Single Unpaired Particle within the Nucleus (1 or 2 particles within each Atom). Our Design is Created to Individually Receive the Clockwise Circular Polarized Energy on the Clockwise Rod and the Counter-Clockwise Circular Energy from the Other Rod, Meaning they will pick-up a Vastly Superior Signal Strength. Sure -- We Receive the same energy picked-up by "Old Fashioned" Rods but only Our Unique Design Rods are also Capable of picking up the Signal from the Mated Pairs of particles due to our Wrapped Wire Design on our Dowsing Rods instead of Straight Rods. Receiving All the Left Spinning Particles with the Left Polarized Rod, and Receiving the Right Spinning Particles with the Right Polarized Rod, is important and Critical because the Left & Right signals are not allowed to "mix" and "cancel out" each other when received separately on our Special Mirrored (Clockwise & Counter-Clockwise) Precision Dowsing Rods. This Unique Design Feature Allows Precision Dowsers to "Feel" the Power from Dozens (up to several hundred) Particles within the Nucleus which Provides a Huge Improvement when compared to the Old Fashioned rods because they only have the power to receive a couple of un-mated particles within the nucleus of the element atom.

It turns out the Quantum Nuclear Spin of The Precious Metals and other Isotopes which we Seek while Prospecting all have Odd Numbers of Protons and Half-Integer Fermion Spins in the Isotopes we are Dowsing. Gold197 3/2 ; Silver107 1/2 ; Iridium 193 3/2 ; Platinum 195 1/2 ; Hydrogen1 1/2 ; Copper63 3/2 ; and Aluminum27 5/2.

Another Bonus is this Technology works with Our Dowsing Rods Even if the Element you are seeking may be mixed with another element and forming a Compound. When Elements combine into Compounds, they Share Electrons in Covalent Bonds. We are Designing our Dowsing Rods to Detect Signals within the Nucleus of the Atom, and Since the Compounds only Share Electrons, the Protons are not affected by the bonding of elements. The Frequency of the Protons is Stable, whether the Element is Pure or mixed with Other Impurities.

Understanding Harmonics and Octaves

Electro-Magnetic Harmonics and Musical Octaves operate basically the same. Harmonics are Electrical or Magnetic Signals Vibrating and Musical Octaves are Vibrations of the Air Molecules. They both act the same, but Music Notes are something we hear and this makes it much easier for most folks to understand. First, I will provide a basic explanation of Music Octaves, then I will also explain why this is important in Dowsing Too.

A Piano Keyboard has 88 Keys which Cover a little over 8 Octaves in sound. The "C" Key Ranges from "C1" near the bottom and goes all the way up to "C8" near the top of the keyboard. As you know, The "C1" key produces a very Deep Low Frequency Sound, The "C2" key produces a similar note which is 1 Octave higher in Vibration Frequency. The "C3" key again produces a similar note which is another Octave Higher - and by the time you get up to the "C8" key at the Right End of the Keyboard, It produces the same note but at a very high Vibration Frequency.

Most folks do not realize the Relationship of an Octave and the Vibration Frequency for the Musical Note. The Frequency of a "C2" note is exactly 1 octave higher sound and double the vibration of a "C1" note. Thus, if you start with a "C1" and raise the note by 1 octave, the result is a "C2" note which has double the frequency. If you start with a "C2" and raise the note by 1 octave, the result is a "C3" note which again has double the frequency. A "C1" frequency is 32.7032 Hertz (HZ) and when doubled, you now have a "C2" frequency of 65.4064 HZ. When the frequency is doubled again the note becomes "C3" which is 130.813 HZ and the pattern of doubling the frequency every octave results in a "C8" key at 4186.01 HZ. Mathematically, A Longer Wavelength is a Lower Frequency & Shorter Wavelength is a Higher Frequency. This is why the Long & Heavy Strings on the Left Inside the Piano Create Lower Notes and also why the Large Tall Tubes of a Pipe Organ produce the Low Frequency Powerful Sounds.

Piano Keyboard
Piano Octaves

You may be asking why should I care about Frequency, Octaves and Musical Keyboards? The answer is an Important Feature in the Precision Design of My Dowsing Rods. We all know from our own experience we can "feel" the really Low Notes on the Piano Keyboard, Cathedral Pipe Organ, Bass Guitar, or your Home Stereo. The same is true when Dowsing - Our Bodies "Feel" Lower Vibration Electro-Magnetic Frequencies Much more Easily and Powerfully. Since Dowsing Rods are Antennas, We Should also create an Antenna so we can "Feel" the Signal much Easier by Lowering the Frequency Several Octaves for the Chemical Element We are Tuned to Receive while Dowsing.

Why Our Custom Tuned Dowsing Rods are The Best Choice!


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